Workshop Session III – 2013

Friday, May 31st: Session III

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number.

3.1 — Jeffrey Carpenter, Elon University
How and Why STEM Educators Need to be Using Twitter (ppt)

3.2A — David R. Erickson, Maddey Frey, and Megan Sutherland, University of Montana
Preparing Teachers Through Learning Assistants (pdf)

3.2B — Andre M. Green, Kelsey Hinkel, and Amanda Schoen, University of South Alabama
Knowing What to Expect Before I Commit: Perspective of Noyce Scholars

3.3A — Nancy Overley, Kennesaw State University
How Kennesaw State University’s Multifaceted Approach to Recruitment Can Be Replicated in Diverse Einvornments

3.3B — Evelyn Laffey, Rutgers School of Engineering
Recruiting Engineering and Physics Students for Noyce Teacher Scholarship (pdf)

3.4 — Audrey A. Friedman, Boston College; Phillip Pietrangelo, Dimon Regional High School; Ben David, Seed Charter School; and Jianan Shi, Brighton High School
Pedagogical Context Knowledge: What Truly Matters

3.5 — Victory Donnay and Greer Richardson, Philadelphia Regional Noyce Partnership
Building Noyce Partnerships: Doing Together What We Cannot Do Alone

3.6 — Serigne M. Gningue, Julissa Soriano, and Gaoyin Qian, Lehman College
Motivating Urban Minority Students through Error Analysis: An Action Research Study (ppt)

3.7 — Ovie Soto, Genevieve Esmende, and Scott Frazier, Math for America, San Diego; Brian Shay, Canyon Crest Academy
The Math for America San Diego Noyce Program: Creating Holistic Problems to Enrich the Common Core Stands

3.8 — Timothy P. Scott and Nolan DeMent, Texas A&M University
TAMU STEM Teacher Preparation Academy (pdf)

3.9 — Susan Benner, Abigail Delvaux, and Geri Landry, University of Tennessee; Andrew Turner, Central High School
Co-Teaching in a Residency Program: Strengthening Positive Student Impact

3.10 — Michelle Romero, ASU STARR Noyce
My-Fi is Sci-Fi

3.11 — Pamela Fraser-Abder, Janna Dougherty, Joseph MacDonald, Bryan Mosher, and Benjamin Osei-Bonsu, New York University
Technology Resources for the Secondary Science Classroom (ppt)

3.12 — Diane Barrett, Jay Bumanglag, Jesse Robert, and Virgilio Viernes, Jr., University of Hawaii at Hilo
Math Day Murder Mystery (ppt)

3.13 — Adelina Alegria and Candacy Kelly-Hodge, USC
Effective Instructional Practices for English Learners in Math and Science Classrooms

3.14 — Louis Nadelson, Boise State University
Integrate STEM: Building a STEM Toolbox for Solving Complete Problems

3.15 — Candace Terry, Tullahoma High School/Middle Tennessee State University
Growing as an Action Researcher in a High School Mathematics Classroom