Workshop Session III – 2014

Friday, June 20th: Session III

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number.

3.1 — Sharon McCrone, University of New Hampshire
“Green” Geometric Modeling:  Capture Student Interest and Address the Common Core

3.2 — Osvaldo D. Soto, Math for America San Diego
Developing Algebraic Reasoning from Quantitative Reasoning

3.3 — Rebecca, Sansom, Einstein Fellow, National Science Foundation
Argument from Evidence:  Literacy Strategies for Better Science
Session 3.3 Handout

3.4 — Susan Benner, University of Tennessee
Teacher Development in Partnership:  University and STEM Academy Collaboration

3.5 — Karen Nave, Rio Salado College
Blending STEM Industry Expertise into the  Secondary Math or Science Classrooms
Program Flyer
Program Brochure

3.6 — Griffith Jones, University of Florida
Helping New Teachers Survive and Thrive:  Florida’s Online STEM TIPS Initative

3.7 — Paul D. Heideman, College of William and Mary
Memory and Learning:  A Practical Guide for Students
Session 3.7 Handout

3.8 — Deborah A. Harmon, Eastern Michigan University
Voices of Students of Color Preparing to Become STEM Teachers

3.9 — Peter Sheppard,  University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Using Master Teahers to Unearth Hidden or Unmet Potential in Mathematics

3.10 — Ellen Bobronnikov, Abt Associates
Future Directions for a National Evaluation of the Noyce Program

3.11 — Nancy Overley, Kennesaw State University
A Replicable Model for Noyce Project Management

3.12 — Melinda Higgins, Einstein Fellow, NASA
“Come on Board” with NASA Resources

3.13 — Joe Isaac, Einstein Fellow, National Science Foundation
International and Online Collaborations for Citizen Science

3.14 — Terri M. Taylor, Education Division of the American Chemical Society
Resources for Chemistry Classes and Activities