Workshop Session II – 2014

Thursday, June 19th: Session II

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number*.

2.1 — Karen Kuhel,  Lemmsaw State University
Making Mathematics Accessible for English Learners and Students with Lower Literacy

2.2 —  Cesar Viteri, Cal Poly Pomona Noyce Master Teacher Fellows Program
Building and Scaling Up Your Geometry Lesson to Common Core Standards

2.3 — Melissa McCartney, Science / AAAS
Bringing Primary Scientific Literature into the Classroom

2.4 — Jo Ellen Roseman, Director of AAAS Project 2061
Understanding and Using Next Generation Science Standards

2.5 — Cynthia Callard, University of Rochester
Developing Fellows’ Leadership Capacity as Professional Learning Providers

2.6 — Michael E. Beeth, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Why Would Mathematicians and Scientists Become Math and Science Teachers?

2.7 — Stacia Prince, Stephen F. Austin State University
An Alternative Role for Master Teaching Fellows:  PD Leader

2.8 — Jerry Dwyer, Texas Tech University
Design of Specialized Mathematics Courses for Pre-service Teachers

2.9 — Keith Sheppard, Stony Brook University
Noyce Master Teachers in Science Methods Classes

2.10 — James Matthews, Sienna College
Mirroring Professional Mathematicians by Holding a School Math Conference

2.11A — Frederick W. Freking, University of Southern California
Noyce and EdTPA:  A Comparison of Program-Embedded Assessments and the EdTPA

2.11B — Serigne Mbaye Gningue, Lehman College
Novice vs. Second Stage Teachers – Implementing the Workshop Model of Instruction

2.12 — Craig Tucker, N.C. State University, Kenan Fellows Program
Developing and Maintainig Purposeful Partnerships to Retain and Empower Teachers

2.14 — Caroline Albrecht, University of South Carolina
Reaching All Types of Students Through Interactive Lessons
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*The following workshop was canceled during Session II: 2.13