Workshop Session 1 – 2014

Thursday, June 19th: Session I

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number*.

1.1 — Shelton Ford, Fayetteville State University
The Amazing Race: An Adaptation for Student Learning and Assessment

1.2 — Shannon Muramoto, Cal State Fullerton
Incorporating the Common Core Standards in Mathematics: Two New Teacher’s Journeys

1.4 — Jo Ellen Roseman, Director of AAAS Project 2061
Understanding and Using Next Generation Science Standards

1.5 — Laurie Langdon, University of Colorado – Boulder
Teacher Research Teams: New Model for Teacher Preparation, Induction, and Development

1.6A — Tim Howard, Columbus State University
STEM Honors Summer Camp: Recruiting Scholars, Stoking High Schoolers’ Enthusiasm
Session 1.6A Handout

1.6B — Austin Pryor, College of William & Mary
Community Engagement in Schools: Innovative Recruitment and Formative Experiences

1.7A — Sara Salloum, Long Island University – Brooklyn
Conceptions of Mentoring Among Science Teacher Mentors and Pre-service Teachers

1.7B — Chanel Paul, Delaware State University
First Year Experience as a Noyce Teacher Scholar at Delaware State University

1.8 — Jacqueline Sack, University of Houston Downtown
This is Not Your Grandfather’s Geometry

1.10 — Ruth Cossey, Mills College
Collegiality and Transformation: Spiraling the Quantitative Literacy Curriculum

1.11A — Brenda Callahan, Kennesaw State University
Who’s Teaching Our Nation’s High School Science Disciplines

1.11B — William Zahner, Boston University
Evaluation Fellows’ Trajectories and Teaching Practices Beyond Required Service

1.12 — Brooke Busbee, Stephen F. Austin State University
From a Bare “STEM” (Teacher) to a Fruitful Tree

1.13 — Anne Artz, Einstein Fellow, Department of Energy
Using Literature to Jump Start Science Education

1.14 — Anderson Norton, Virginia Tech
Assessing Program Quality with Noyce Teachers


*The following workshops were canceled during Session I: 1.3A, 1.3B, and 1.9