Flipping the Class: Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Model

  • NSF Award #1340107
  • Registration Teaching Fellow

  • First Name Steven
  • Last Name Yan

  • Discipline Math
  • Institution Mills College
  • School Name and District Currently Teaching Oakland Unified School District


This paper examines how a mixed grade high school Geometry class makes use of the flipped classroom model when learning new mathematical content. There exists a wide range of skills and mathematical content knowledge within the class, which makes teaching and learning new mathematical content difficult for some students and relatively easy for others. A goal of this research is to examine students? willingness to persevere when new challenging mathematical content is presented to them. Through my observations, a student survey, a group interview with focal students, and student work analysis, the majority of students found the implementation of the flipped classroom model to be beneficial to their learning. Although students had positive experiences with the flipped classroom model, many students still preferred lessons lead by their teacher over the project-based lessons student?s completed in class during the study using the flipped classroom model. Based on these research findings, only some aspects of the flipped classroom model will be incorporated into my educational practice. Further research is also suggested on the topic of implementing the flipped classroom model using personalized teacher created videos.

Posted on July 6, 2017