Designing PBL Activities for Math and Science

  • NSF Award #1240010
  • Registration Current Noyce Scholar

  • First Name Von Michael
  • Last Name Todd

  • Discipline Math
  • Institution Delaware State University
  • School Name and District Currently Teaching Christina


During the Noyce Saturday Round Tables at Delaware State University, Noyce Scholars designed Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities. Teams of two (with the assistance of a content area mentor teacher) engaged in collaboration, brainstorming, integrating concepts, and developing cohesive stories and activities. Noyce Scholars devised interdisciplinary PBL activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and The Next Generation Science Standards. The PBL activities were situated in a real-world context. The purpose is to promote student engagement through labs, manipulatives, and drawings, have them apply the appropriate tools and strategies to foster reasoning, and design charts and graphs. PBL supports a student- centered learning environment where the essential content is discovered through a contextual story.

Posted on July 6, 2017