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Project Title: Northern New Mexico College Noyce Scholarship Project
Project Location: Northern New Mexico College
Identifying Characteristics: STEM Professionals, Undergraduates
Discipline Focus: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics
School District Partner: Espanola, Santa Fe, Pojoaque
Area(s) Served: Rural
Grades: 6-8, 9-12
Principal Investigator (PI): David Torres
PI Email:
NSF Award Number:  1035465
Contact Name: David Torres
Contact Title: Chairman, Math & Science
Contact Address 1: 921 N. Paseo de Onate
Contact Address 2: Northern New Mexico College
Contact City: Espanola
Contact State: New Mexico
Contact ZIP Code: 87532
Contact Phone: 505-747-2147
Contact Email:
Project Status: Active
Project Title: Science Teachers Acquired Through New Directions in New Mexico (STAND-NM)
Project Location: New Mexico State University
Identifying Characteristics: NSF Teaching Fellows, Undergraduates
Discipline Focus: Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Physics
School District Partner: Las Cruces Public Schools, Gadsden Independent School District
Area(s) Served: Rural, Urban
Grades: 9-12
Principal Investigator (PI): Susan Brown
PI Email:
NSF Award Number:  0934919
Contact Name: Susan Brown
Contact Title: STEM Outreach Director
Contact Address 1: College of Education
Contact Address 1: New Mexico State University
Contact City: Las Cruces
Contact State: New Mexico
Contact ZIP Code: 88003-8001
Contact Phone: 575-646-1397
Contact Email:
Project Status: Active
Project Title: wadrkkzrmyp
Project Location: New York
School District Partner: evALvOFSpeMfy
Principal Investigator (PI): wadrkkzrmyp
PI Email:
Project URL:
NSF Award Number:  15362
Contact Name:
Contact Title: IFTAYmBrhgtWfUZv
Contact Address 1: KYRGDutttVMRy
Contact Address 2: LigKhkRJNBtYR
Contact Address 1: YqcRlQTKgkTfOa
Contact City:
Contact State: New Mexico
Contact ZIP Code: 64155
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Project Status: Active
Project Title: WNMU Noyce Track 1: Capacity Building, to Strengthen STEM Teachers
Project Location: Western New Mexico University
Project Category(ies): Capacity Building
Identifying Characteristics: Undergraduates
Discipline Focus: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics
Area(s) Served: Rural
Grades: 9-12
Principal Investigator (PI): Jose Herrera
PI Email:
NSF Award Number:  1540554
Contact Name: Tanya Rivers
Contact Title: Co-PI
Contact Address 1: 1000 West. College
Contact Address 2: Western New Mexico University
Contact City: Silver City
Contact State: New Mexico
Contact ZIP Code: 88061
Contact Phone: 575-538-6207
Contact Email:
Project Status: Completed

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