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Project Title: Barneyxcq
Project Location: New York
School District Partner: bjzspBfKaNcyJTCncG
Principal Investigator (PI): Barneyxcq
PI Email:
Project URL:
NSF Award Number:  71180
Contact Name:
Contact Title: dYpWJJmECXQ
Contact Address 1: ivHDnwJUcgChS
Contact Address 2: fgAEEUFsuQwtHj
Contact Address 1: iiNGIciZtkpHpfC
Contact City:
Contact State: Idaho
Contact ZIP Code: 20834
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Project Status: Active
Project Title: Noyce Phase II: Trajectory to Teaching from Sparking Interest to Fostering Induction
Project Location: Boise State University
Project Category(ies): Track 2: Teaching Fellowships
Identifying Characteristics: Undergraduates
Discipline Focus: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics
School District Partner: Boise DS, Meridian SD, Caldwell SD, Nampa SD
Area(s) Served: Rural, Urban
Grades: 6-8, 9-12
Principal Investigator (PI): Louis Nadelson
PI Email:
NSF Award Number:  1240011
Contact Name: Louis Nadelson
Contact Title: Associate Professor
Contact Address 1: 1910 University Way
Contact Address 2: Boise State University
Contact City: Boise
Contact State: Idaho
Contact ZIP Code: 83725
Contact Phone: 208-426-2856
Contact Email:
Project Status: Active

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